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Rancho Vista will continue the tradition of our support of Samuel's Trees

Dear Parents of Rancho Vista Elementary School Students,
                  The holiday season is fast upon us, and as we gear up for another amazing time with friends and family, we want to share with you another wonderful opportunity to reach out and care for families who have hurting hearts because of their little babies in the Newborn Infant Critical Care Unit of surrounding hospitals. Samuel’s Trees, along with the wonderful staff at Rancho Vista, are partnering together yet again to make impacts into Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and some local hospitals.
                  How do we do this? Samuel’s Trees, since 2011, gives small three-foot holiday trees adorned with $300 worth of gift cards to families with babies in the NICCU; many of whom are struggling with making ends meet. The founders of Samuel’s Trees, Daniel and Kelly Parkins, know intimately the struggle of having a child in the NICCU as their son Samuel lived for nineteen days and died on December 24th, 2010. They have made it their mission to reach into the lives of hurting families with the gift of a tree and gift cards, along with notes of love and encouragement, for each family there.
                  We work with the social workers of surrounding hospitals to give the trees to the most-needy of families, and have on our board the lead social worker at Children’s for the NICCU. Our goals this year include covering the entire NICCU floor, along with two other areas with babies with heart conditions such as the Cardiovascular Acute Center.
                  Like last year, we will have class competitions with the winning classroom receiving a party for raising the most gift cards and being invited to the holiday decorating party where we decorate the trees on December 13th.
Gift cards should include places to the local commerce around Children’s in LA:  Target, Walmart, Subway, Starbucks, Vons, Arco, Shell, Chevron, Visa, Mastercard, Toys R Us, Chipotle, Amazon, etc. 
Please include on your gift cards the amount of each card as well as a note of love if you are able. These are the notes they will see and “feel” after all is said and done; a wonderful project for your family one evening and to give rather than just receive! 
Please have your son or daughter bring them to class where they can be collected beginning on November 20th.  Each classroom will have a specially wrapped box where each gift card can be placed.  We will collect the boxes on December 4th, so act fast if you want to be involved!
What classroom will “win” our second annual competition for Samuel’s Trees and get the Chik-Fil-A party? Though this is never incentive to be involved, it should be fun to see what classroom can get behind this the most and have a party as the second graders in Mrs. Maye’s class won last year! Who can de-throne them?  Will they win again?
If you would like more information on what we did last year, please visit www.samuelstrees.com. If you want to get more involved, have questions, or want our newsletters, please feel free to contact Dan Parkins at daniel@samuelstrees.com. Thank you on behalf of Samuel’s Trees and Rancho Vista Elementary School for your willingness to be involved!
Samuel's Trees provides support to families with children in the NICU of surrounding hospitals who need love, encouragement, and financial support.
Daniel and Kelly Parkins